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The Jenkins/Morgan/Harris Family Homepage

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William Jenkins 1865-1938
sister Margaret Matthews
brother Lewis
son David and
daughter Margaret Jenkins Seeley


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Evan M. Jenkins b. 25 Feb 1845 in Unknown,Wales, son of Thomas and ? Jenkins. He came to the USA in 1870 with his wife Margaret Williams Jenkins b. 1844 Wls  and his {2} sons William J. Jenkins b. 1865  and David Jenkins b. 25  Dec 1869,both being born in Wales. They settled in Northeastern Pa.
and had more children : Lousia,Catherine,Margaret,Agnes,Louis(Lewis)
Evan was a miner for the Sloan Mines in Scranton,Pa and died in 1912, Margaret died in 1899,both are buried in the Washburn Street Cemt(Hyde Park cemt as it is also known as),along with their sons William who died in
1938 and David who died in 1883.

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