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David Morgan was b.1873  in Wls, d.1947  in Scranton ,Pa. buried in Forest Home Cemt, Taylor, Pa. He was the son of Daniel Morgans and Catherine Thomas Morgan, he arrived in the U.S.A in 1878 as did Margaret.
 His 1st wife was Margaret Williams b.1877 Wls. d. 1899 Scranton, Pa. , buried Forest Home Cemt,Taylor Pa.  They were married in 1894 in Taylor, Pa and they had {5} children:Verna Bertha, Gwennie, David Jr. ,Edna.. His 2nd wife was Elvira Richards b. 1876  Wlsd. 1951 Scranton,Pa ,buried in Dunmore Cemt, Dunmore, PA. {no children from this marriage,it is said that she was David's cousin wife ,who had
died some yrs before their marriage, she and her 1st husband had {5} children.}  Elvira had {5} children from her1st marriage to Albert Morgan , they were Albert,Helen,Norman,Joseph,Charlotte.{most living in the Ohio area untill their deaths}.

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