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Isaac and Ann Harries:
Isaac was the son of Harry Thomas, who was born in Abt 1796 in Bedwelty Parish ,Monmouthshire,Wales. Ann his wife was b. abt 1804 in the same parish, her father was Harry Harries.  Isaac father was Harry Thomas, mothers name is unknown, who had 5 children : Thomas,James, Susannah,Isacc, Leah,.
Harry Thomas was the child of Thomas Charles who had 2 children : Harry, Mary.
         Isaac and Ann  had 11 children  ,all born in     
    Tredegar,Bedwelty,Monmouthshire,Wls, Their children were:
Solomon,Joesph,Elizabeth, Enoch{ my great great grandfather},Leah,Mary, Thomas, Ann,Isaac, Isaac II,Jemima
Enoch was b. 19 March 1831, he was a miner, grocery store owner,plaster during his lifetime, he died in 1899 in Northeastern Pa. He met his wife Sarah Jane Williams there and they wed in abt 1854. He came to the USA from Wales in 1851 aboard the ship" Richard Alsop". They had  7 children, they were:
Ann Harris Roberts, Mary J. Harris Morello,Thomas ,Samuel,David,Jemima Harris Jenkins,Isaac.
Sarah was a midwife and a well known person in her community untill her death in 1921 at the age of 91.
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