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The Jenkins/Morgan/Harris Family Homepage

Contributors to Info,Surname List
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This is to say Thank you to all who provided
Family Information
Their names are listed below :

Shirely Jenkins Swartzell, Linda Van Orden & family, Barbara Burnett & family
Dorothy Thatcher,Edna Jenkins, Willam Jenkins,RoseMary Marshall & family, Virgina Loeko, David Jenkins Jr. , Hannah Arlene Owens , Margaret Driebe Family, Chris,Ralph, John Linderman, Bloom Family, All the Kujawski Family,
Lois Rosella & family, Evan T. Jenkins Jr.,Lewis Jenkins III, the Seeley Family,all the Morgans Family, all the Harris Family,,Elvira Richards Morgan Family, David Morgan Jr. Family, Christopher B. Jenkins and all his family , the family{who have helped a great deal in our research and all their other newgroups to which we belong too},
More Names to be added
PLEASE NOTE * WE are currently unable to edit our HARRIS/JENKINS family website, so any new family information will be added on this website *


Surnames List:

Jenkins, Harris, Evans,Williams, Morgans,Richards, Kujawski, Gorzalkowski,Seely, Driebe, Owens, Bloom, Thatcher,Conway,Dyer,Barber,Grifften,Schultz,Ptanski,Kester,
More to be added: