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The Jenkins/Morgan/Harris Family Homepage

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gentracers website, great site, great people. their on paltalk too! , go and download the software FREE!

carmarthenshire,Wls website


Ellis Island website


Barrel of Free Genealogy Links :

Family Search Genealogy :

National WW II Memorial

Genealogical Society of N.E. Pa.


Surname Finder:

Glamorgan Wales Genealogy:

JM Digital Photos

My Wifes family's webpage {Tasselmyer/Guydish/Matteucci/Bisciaio } :

Washburn Street Cemt {Jenkins Listings, listed under source two} :

Margaret Williams Jenkins Newspaper obit link {see jul 15,1889 } :

the above mention link con't {see july 16,1889 }:

Link to free downloadable software of Legacy Genealogy program { i have no connection with this company, it is a very good program i use it } :

genealogy "How to " Guide

Free U.K. BMD :

Rootsweb Genealogy Site:

foreign Money exchange site:

Gorzalkowski/Kujawski/Zielinski Homepage

Genuki Homepage: