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Jenkins Family Info
The Jenkins/Morgans Family Homepage
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William & Jemima Harris Family: William b. 1865 Wls. d .1937 Scranton,Pa. Jemima Harris b. 16 Feb 1867  Pa. d. 14 March 1900.
They were married in Scranton,Pa. on 24 Dec 1888. They had {3}
children: David b. 1888,Margaret b. 1894, Willard E. b. 1896.
David married Verna Morgans b. 1896, they had {9} children
Margaret married Ben Seeley in 1911 ,they had {5} children
Willard E. married Rose Bradigan in 1919, they had {3} children
Williams 2nd wife was Mary Williams b. 14 June 1873 d. 19 Dec 1919
they married in 1900 and had {3} children :
Emerson b. 1902 married Grayce? {no children}
Thomas b. 1904 married Helen Zerbe {2} children, then Virgnia Loeko
{no children from 2nd marriage}
Gwendolyn b. 1909 married {3} times: Dickson,Linderman,Plumbley
no chidren from Dickson,Plumbley, {2} children from Linderman

David ,Margaret, Catherine,Lewis, Agnes Louisa Family Info:
Margaret married David Matthews{2} children,Louisa married Enoch Davis- { no children} and then Richard Tudor- {2} children}, Catherine
married Alfred Joseph - { no children}, David Jenkins -died at the age of 13 , Agnes married {name unknown- # of children unknown}, Lewis
married Catherine Winters-{5 children}
Please note: Most of these children of the above mention people are still living and  I do not have permission from their family's to post their
information{I will not anyways, at least not here}
If you have question on anyone listed here ,please contact me and I will try to provide what info I can on them.