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Helen Gorzalkowski & Anthony Kujawski
{her 1st husband }

Helen Gorzalkowski was the daughter of George & Amleia Smutek Gorzalkowski. Anthony was the son of Jan {Joseph} & Eva Balzerok both were born in Poland and came to the USA in  1903 and 1910 respectively.
Helen was one of 4 children, there was George, Stella, Helen ,John
George being a step-brother {he died at a young age }. Helen had {6} children by Anthony and
{2} more by her 2nd Husband Walter Zielinski {he arrived in 1913 and was naturalized } Stella had{5} children
with Felix Manka {he emigrated in 1899/1900, nat 1914 }, John had {4} children, most living in
the Northeastern part of Pa.